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What we do?

Springworks SPARK connected car platform enables a secure & cost-efficient way to build attractive services for your end users. There is a multitude of ready-to-launch APIs available for an array of services. Get in touch and we will tell you more about how it works!

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The SPARK platform is arguably the most advanced connected car platform available. Powered by AWS, it is GDPR compliant by design and built to handle millions of vehicles. The possibilities for building real customer value from vehicle related data are almost endless – get in touch and we’ll discuss how you can enhance your offering.

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We offer one of the most advanced and cost-efficient connected car platforms available to handle millions of vehicles globally. The only platform with Eco-systems live in multiple markets already – enabling end-user centric decision making, GDPR compliant by design and app & web ready. Our platform will adapt to your business needs and our Agile Team are available to assist you with any setup.

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