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Dealerships & Repair shops

Enhance your customer experience through predictive maintenance

Owning a car can be quite costly and cumbersome, but does it have to be? We can help you make a frog leap into the future where you can proactively let customers know of potential problems with their car before they even notice it. Avoiding situations where your customer’s day gets interrupted due to car problems can be of enormous benefit. If you then add other services, such as automated payments for parking, high speed internet, a highly advanced driver’s journal to name a few, you are making a strong case for added customer loyalty (or adding several compelling reasons for customers to choose you over your competitors)!

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Dealerships & Repair shops

A tool for people to manage their day

Owning and using a car in one market will differ quite a lot from another – in that you deal with different companies regarding services related to your car as well as services related to your life. After all, the car is first and foremost a tool for people to manage their day.