Automotive OEM

Enrich your connected car offering with a variety of services from local companies through a digital ecosystem

Design thinking - in a centralized production environment

Owning and using a car in one market will differ quite a lot from another – in that you deal with different companies regarding services related to your car as well as services related to your life. After all, the car is first and foremost a tool for people to manage their day.

At Springworks, we understand the challenge for car manufacturers to create too many local adaptations whilst maintaining economy-of-scale. In fact, this one of the reasons we exist.

By making it possible for local service providers to offer relevant services to your customers, you can significantly enhance your end users experience using your products.

This is not just something that would work in theory – we are already today running such ecosystems in several markets. Contact us and we will tell you more about how you can help your customers to save time and money, whilst adding safety and convenience to their car ownership.