About us

To become the reference platform for transparent value creation from vehicle data

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Vision: To accelerate the transition to value based car ownership

How Springworks is useful
Challenges & Stakeholders
Vehicle manufacturers
Challenged by new business models - OEMs are moving towards data monetisation. Impossible for them to address local needs due to centralised approach.
Dealerships & Workshops
A clear need to start using data to provide relevant services such as predictive maintenance, the challenge lies in integrating with all different car makes
Insurance companies
End user tailored insurance policies will be the new standard - whether its based on how much you drive, or even how you drive - the challenge here is the same as for dealerships along with the need for a cost-efficient solution for a sustainable business case.
Advanced and cost-effecient

The most advanced and cost-effecient connected car platform available to handle millions of vehicles globally


Eco-systems live in multiple markets already - enabling end-user centric decision making

Strong and agile team

Agile team with very strong owners - all with a long-term vision

Flexible business logics

Flexible business logics to adapt to different needs

Partial projects

Partial projects to turnkey solution including app & web

GRDP compliant

SPARK is GRDP compliant by design

Springworks international
Car ownership provides room for improvement

Untapped potential of relevant services to make car ownership safer, more convenient & cost efficient. Each market has unique needs and service providers – hence the need for a local array of partner services.

Enable a secure & cost-efficient way for car owners to share vehicle data, and get relevant services in return, SPARK provides an off-the-shelf, cost-efficient solution for obtaining data from end-users enabling service providers to create a relevant offering.

A GDPR compliant device agnostic platform that allows for cost efficient scaling on a global level. We already have existing ecosystem of services in several markets, i.e. reference cases to help you get going quicker and ensure an optimised product launch.