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Mobile Operators are the obvious providers of Connected Car Services

It takes sophisticated communication, B2B capabilities and a trusted partner to deal with all the sensitive information.

By adding Springworks' Connected Car Services and relevant service providers to our M2M capabilities, TeliaSonera has a very attractive and unique offering to millions of customers

Hans Dahlberg, Vice President Teliasonera Global M2M Services, TeliaSonera

  • Shared infrastucture

    Since there is only one OBD port in each car we use a very capable connector with 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, a powerful processor and a number of sensors to enable a range of applications on our platform now and onwards.

  • Integrated B2B support

    Many businesses want to access the car and it’s drivers but the cost for a specific solution is typically too high for the services to pay off. Springworks enable multiple service offerings on the platform which opens for numerous business relationships for the mobile operators and a state of art service offering for the drivers.

  • Excellent Data Quality

    The standardised information from the car available on the ODB port is very limited and the rest is specific for the brand and model of the car. Springworks can interpret also the proprietary data on the ODB port which enables a rich set of features and services.

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