Spark a conversation with your car

Connecting all car owners with the service they deserve, through an infrastructure they already trust.


A connected car platform for mobile operators and service providers, enabling a multi-sided business model with new revenue streams.

How it works

SPARK provide mobile operators with an opportunity to master a connected car eco system. It gives a position higher up the value chain with sustainable revenues from selling smart data. This is what you have been looking for.

Making cars connected

SPARK is an end-to-end SaaS platform that refines data collection from the car and service providers. Car owners get information and service in one state-of-the-art mobile app. Data is gathered from older cars (from 2001) via the OBD-port or from newer cars directly via APIs.

Eco-system of services

Car ownership is local, and so is the eco system providing services in a country. SPARK gives mobile operators the possibility to offer local service providers (insurance, repair, parking, etc.) access to a massive amount of connected cars in their country. This is a data driven business transformation supporting development of new services around the car ownership, like sharing, pooling or gas as a service.

Fast, scalable and reliable

SPARK is a modern cloud solution based on the latest technologies allowing new releases to end-consumers on a biweekly basis. The solution has been developed since 2012 in tight collaboration with mobile operators and service providers to meet their high demand on security and privacy.

To SPRINGWORKS it is obvious that generated data belongs to and is owned by the car owner. Hence, a mobile operator is the perfect trusted partner to cater for the data only sharing what the car owner agrees to with each service provider.

Apps for iOS and Android

Decades of game development and internationally award-winning connected car apps proves SPRINGWORKS outstanding capabilities to deliver apps that end-users love and use, again and again. SPARK provides mobile operators and service providers with native apps, skinned and translated to local needs.

By adding SPARK to our M2M capabilities, Telia Company has a very attractive and unique offering to millions of customers

Hans Dahlberg - Telia Company - Vice President, Division X (IOT)

Designed for use

In a fast-moving world, design can no longer be an afterthought.

SPARK's mobile apps are being iteratively designed together with our consumers to guide and ensure that we deliver a high end-user value.

Car Wi-Fi
4G speed
Trip journal
Custom notifications
Service warning
Fuel level meter
Parking warnings
Tyre change notification
Event feed
Battery warning
Payment management
Dashboard data
Work trip reports
Position alarm
Location tracking

A service provided for every need

SPARK enables a next generation car ownership by allowing unlimited number of service providers to collaborate in developing an innovative and meaningful service, today and tomorrow.

Car inspection

Bilprovningen — Car inspection services included in Telia Sense.

Car repair

Bilia — Repair shop offerings included in Telia Sense.

Usage based insurance

Folksam — Usage based insurance included in Telia Sense.